Sub Hard Pain

Report of my first BDSM session.

January 18, 2018, 19:22, I arrive at the place. I play the intercom and the porter gives me permission to climb, I walk in without a lift and I look in the mirror, my heart goes off, breathing starts to accelerate and I enter into a slight state of panic.
My God! I'm about to realize my dream. I stop, close my eyes and take a deep breath, I think, that's all you wanted while watching these movies in X Videos, so I like it and the elevator comes on the floor.
I leave the elevator and I drive to a door of the apartment, the unknown awaits me and for years I do not experience anything for the first time, I take courage and I ring the bell, I wait.
I hear steps, a door opens.
I do not know whether to lower my head in a sign of respect or if I smile, I do both, a brief smile and below my head. Good night, Dom.
Ask me and ask me by email, and you understand me with a head and me.
I head to a room and stop in front of a table, head down, the Dom through a door and passes me.
I'll have all the clothes off and put them in the chair. I obey.
Peeled in the room of the Sun I see you move between two rooms, after a few minutes or even back with two knees and send me put. I obey.
The sun comes out and when it returns it comes back with a leash that puts it on me with a message with a padlock.
Put a blindfold in my eyes and a gag in my mouth and at the moment, that is, chat, more mental excitement space goes to the limit.
I told you to stay on all fours. I stay and then pull me through the leash, feel the pressure of the steel on my neck caused by the strength of the Dom pulling me. I go into one of the rooms and the Dom sends me up a bed. I obey.
I do not see anything, I'm four in bed and head low and totally unaware of what is happening, when suddenly I feel the hand of the Sun passing lube in my anus. I think! He's going to penetrate me and then I feel the Sun stuffing me. It hurts, it burns, but I am still sent the pain of unexpected penetration and without affection.
Some time passes, and without waiting I get a blow in the ass, the blow of something like a tabua, the blows repeat themselves and I no longer remember the pain inside the object, I attach to the pain caused by the blows, the pain is good and I get excited, my dick dick.
The blow changes, now the blow on my skin reminds me of a whip, I can not be informed, nothing else available.
The blows stop and I think, I want more, much more.
The Sun rises in bed at the height of my head takes a gag from my mouth and for its member towards me, I smell man and then start to suck.
I suck with immense pleasure, through my lips I realize that the Penis of the Gift is delicious, delicious and smooth head and I delight myself until it comes out.
I wait for four, without imagining what is to come, when the Dom sends me down from the bed and get down on my knees, when he takes my sale, I see a black leather mattress and then the Dom spits on the mattress and I send lick I obey.
I begin to lick and clean the mattress, sending a huge pleasure, the Dom watches and when he realizes that I have licked and taken everyone, he restores me.
I stay on my knees and head down and at least I hope I see my face is glued to the hairy armpit of the Dom. I begin to lick and kiss with pleasure. When the Sun wears it leaves and I return to a position of knees and head low.
I feel the Sun lying in bed and when I realize it, your feet are on my face, He sends me to massage my tired feet of my Owner after a day's work. I obey.
I begin to suck your toes and I feel for lips that are big, thick nails, even man, I lick my tongue between all the fingers to clean and massage and I go down to the feet. I give strong, generous and wet licks, massage of the foot of my Owner. Changing feet and so on, interspersing each other in incredible excitement, until the Sun Sai, I wait in the position and low.
The Dom sends me on the bed again and goes to the middle, I go up and I get on all fours and head low, watery. When suddenly I feel the Dom Taking the object that is thrusting in my anus.
Without waiting, I feel the Dom thrust his delicious cock into me, and at the moment I lift my butt and leave, it hurts, but I feel a tremendous thirst.
I stand on my hands with my face pressed against the mattress and blindfolded. Dom to stake on me. I'm at work, DOM GUTO LEMOS is inside me.
I stand in this position and I lose my warmth, I feel the Sun intercalate in light and strong thrusts, the Dom leaves.
I stand in this position when the sun tells me to go to the edge of the bed. I obey.
At this moment, receive a blow in the butt, something more painful, I feel it is something of solid wood, a pain and intense and only now, writing this report is that I realize how incredible it was.
In a continuous rhythm the Dom beats and fear consumes me, but I am surrendered. The sun goes down with the blows and leaves.

In a continuous rhythm the Dom beats and fear consumes me, but I am surrendered. The sun goes down with the blows and leaves.
On the way back, he tells me to change my position, I lie down in the position of roast chicken, I feel the sun put something on my two legs and something on the back of my neck. I feel Dom hold what was on my legs with what was on my head and at this moment I am stuck in the position of roast chicken.
He puts something on my penis and says it's for me not to get any more excited next to him. I do not know what it is, but he tells me to thank him, I obey him. Thank you sir!
With my feet to the car, I get scams with the same object of wood, the pain is intense. The Don inserts the blows on my butt and my two feet until, unable to take it anymore, I put my hands on my butt and the Dom to. The pain is intense, but tasty.
The Gift begins to penetrate me again, punch without pain and I receive without moving. I hold it until it stops, stuffs the object back into my anus and leaves.
After a while, the Dom takes what was holding me, my sale and sends me to the bathroom for four, sit inside the bathroom stall and wait. I obey.
After a while the Dom appears, enters the stall where I am sitting and stands in front of me. I look down at him, that incredible man and that delightful dick are right in front of me, when suddenly the Sun begins to piss well toward my face.
His piss is hot and I open my mouth and fill my mouth with his piss, I feel the strong taste of macho piss and although the taste is strong I swallow a little. I stay there until he stops and when he stops, he leaves the stall and sends me to take a shower. I obey.
After the bath and dry the Dom sends me go from four to another room. "The Dungeon."
I reach the Dungeon and stand on my hands, with my head down. Excitement takes over me, and I'm mentally aroused, for the object on my penis will not let me stay on hard.
After a while the Dom arrives, puts in front of me a red square pouf, lies on the floor, puts his feet in the pouf and tells me to lick his feet again. I obey
I begin to lick and suck the Dom's feet as he relaxes.
 When he gets tired, the Sun rises, takes off the pouf and soon after lying down again, Lying down, he sends me to lick his bag and his balls. I obey.
I begin to lick every inch of your sack and crotch interspersing with sucks on your delicious ****. While I lick wetly in his sack the Dom gets punched that after a time it takes him to orgasm.
With a signal the Dom warns that he will enjoy and at this moment I position myself to wait and drink all his precious milk.
In a divine spasm he begins to enjoy and to enjoy, for the Gift enjoys abundantly.
I try not to lose a drop, but the jets are strong and they sneeze everywhere.
When he finishes enjoying the gift, he sends me to lick all the fucking that is in his body. I obey.
I begin to lick and suck every drop of fucking that is in the body of the Gift and when it finishes it gets up, I keep of four and of low head.
The Dom leaves and I can not resist, I'll lick three fucking drops of fucking that are on the black floor of the Dungeon. I return to my position.
When the Dom returns, he sends me to take a shower. I obey.
When I finish the Dom, he sends me to the room and starts to remove the accessories that are in me and that I can now check what is clearly. First a chastity belt, then the leash and finally the anal plug in the form of a penis.
The Dom sends me to my clothes and dresses. I obey.
I dress myself and how much I'm fully clothed the Gift comes and tells me to ask Uber. I obey.
Notice that Uber will arrive in 2 minutes and then he directs me down and wait.
The Dom opens the door and I thank him for everything he has given me and in a gesture of affection, the Dom sends me to tell me when I get home, I leave and he closes the door.
The elevator arrives, I'm ecstatic and trying to decipher everything I'm feeling.
I get into the Uber car that tries to pull the subject, but I will not, because I'm suing everything that happened.
Already at home, in my bed, I am excited and with my mind in a whirl of thoughts.
And today, one day after experiencing this wonderful experience, I can say:
It was one of the most incredible and delicious experiences I've ever had.
The feeling of surrender and submission is sensational and I could not express in words what I feel at this moment, but I can guarantee, happiness takes care of my submissive being.
Thank you for starting me in the BDSM world with DOM GUTO LEMOS and I hope from the bottom of my heart to be able to experience much more BDSM practices with this Gift that is undoubtedly a great Teacher and expert knowledge of the practices and BDSM universe.
Kisses on your feet!

© 2014-2020 by Mestre Guto Lemos - all rights reserved. 

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