Please allow to introduce myself, I am Master Guto Lemos. When the subs ask me which practices I like the most, I always prefer to respond that it is easier to say what I do not like because I like to master broad sense in many ways, but I believe that to do it right, there must be a good connection between the gift and the sub. Some call it horny, others chemistry, but everyone knows how good it is when it works and how it is not good when it does not.


So I find myself a very eclectic master, which I think is good, because it is enough to give me ideas of the simplest, the most miraculous that I usually want to perform, as long as they are applicable in reality and in common sense. Kidnapping consented? Like. Prolonged chastity? I want to control the sub. Domestic slave with or without partial feminization? I enjoy ! Spank I do it with gusto. Bondage? Love. What does not short: to leave safe, sound and consensual (SSC), submissive that wants to reverse control of the situation (false subs).


Of course as everyone has my preferences that are my idolized feet, spank, forced chastity, tt, milking, handcuffs, gags, rope bondage and leather artifacts, masks, deprivation of senses, trampling, among many others. BDSM is a wide world (and therefore beautiful) and every fetish as long as it respects the rules of the sane and consensual are valid for me.


I consider myself a person of solid intellectual formation, I am curious about everything from the area of ​​mental and physical health and from different cultures.


I like beginners and in times of difficulty I consider myself a focused person who prefers to focus on finding a quick and effective solution to paralyzing panic.



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